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Co-Founders Message

Stuff For Everyone® came about to fulfill the wishes of a number of business acquaintance’s who asked us to sell their products on one of our existing websites: and

After given it serious thought we decided to form Stuff For Everyone®, an on-line e-commerce store that will literally sell, Stuff For Everyone®. Accordingly, we legally formed Stuff For Everyone® to be an Arizona Limited Liability Company, created a wonderful logo, trademarked Stuff For Everyone®’s name, logo, packaging, and e-commerce services, developed a website, social media sites, and purchased inventory.

Specifically, it is our intention to sell a vast variety of consumer goods products in the categories of hot chocolate & coffee beverages, kitchen ware, household goods, hobby goods and clothing targeted at first responders, nurses, cyclists, and the political parties (Republican Strong® and Democrat Strong®). Our clothing line will consist of themed T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and zip-up’s. The aim of the company is to always offer better-quality products at fairer prices.

​The first two products Stuff For Everyone® is offering are sets of 4 red wine glasses and 4 white wine glasses with the saying, Comfort In A Glass® prominently displayed on the front and back of each glass. We believe each of these wine glass sets are sure to be an eye-catching addition to your next cocktail party or will make the perfect gift for family and friends who you wish to impress for a holiday-Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas or a special event-birthday, engagement gift, bridal shower gift, housewarming gift or simply to give to a friend or neighbor.

This is the fourth company that we have started and as such we ask that you help us promote our company by posting Stuff For Everyone® on your social media sites.

Please check back with us periodically as new products are introduced and added to our website.

Thank you for visiting our site,


Susan and Bob Jenkins