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About the Company

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Stuff For Everyone® is a family-owned business founded in June 2019 by Susan & Robert Jenkins. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harper Jenkins Scobie Enterprises, an Arizona limited liability company.

All of the products we will offer are either Stuff For Everyone® products or products sold under license by the products manufacturer. Regardless of their source, all products are of superior quality and are authentic and trademarked when applicable to protect their originality and value. Great thought has been placed into each product targeted to appeal to high demand market segments, holiday segments and political segments.

The principal characteristics of each of our products are:

  • Unique, witty or heart felt sayings
  • Colorful Images
  • Original Designs
  • Detailed Images
  • Trademarked Images/Sayings
  • Affordable

The mission of Stuff For Everyone® is to become a world known brand that delivers to its customers a diversified portfolio of better-quality consumer good products at fairer prices. The end result of our mission is to generate, sustainable, predicable earnings to our vendors, distributors and licensees and to support the communities that we serve.

Core Values

The guiding principles that reflect our internal identity, and are an integral reason for our success, are Our Core Values. These values, embraced by senior management and accepted by our employees, will stand testament to the endurance and success of Stuff For Everyone®.

The hallmark of our success are our employees. We believe in giving full consideration to every employee's career development through direct peer mentoring, formal training, and increased responsibilities. In exchange for their efforts, the Co-Founders of the company provide their employees with generous, above market compensation packages.

Currently, we are donating 25 % of the profit from the sale of “I Support Frontline First Responders Covid-19 War Heroes” T-shirts, hoodies and zip-up sweatshirts to various causes of those family members of Frontline First Responders who have died while providing medical assistance to Covid-19 patients.

Thank you