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Republican Strong Clothing

“Hey, Steve,” Jimmy pronounced as his brother’s car pulled behind a Honda Accord stopped at the intersection of Tremont and White Plains Road. “Can you pull up a little closer?” Jimmy asked.


 “I can, but why,” Steve curiously replied inching his car closer to the Honda Accord.


“Look at that bumper sticker on the left side of the fender,” Jimmy stated referring the red and white Republican Strong bumper sticker.


“Republican Strong,” Steve softly said.


“Isn’t that cool,” Jimmy stated now having had the chance to get a closer look at the bumper sticker. “It says in small print under the words Republican Strong, Stuff For Everyone®.”


“You sound like you’re now very curious,” Steve injected. “Look it up,” he added as the traffic light changed and Steve slowly accelerated his car following the Honda through the intersection.


Jimmy typed into his cell phone the words, Stuff For Everyone®, as Steve now pressed harder on the gas petal. After studying the Stuff For Everyone® website Jimmy, mumbled to himself, “They sell a variety of men’s and woman’s Republican Strong t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies.”


“Let me see,” Steve requested.


“Ok. I’ll show you, but first pull into that Shell station ahead,” Jimmy instructed. “You know I’m a big believer is not using a cell phone while you are driving.”


After Steve had parked his car in one of the side parking spaces at the Shell station, he stated, “Now show me these Republican Strong t-shirts you got so excited about.” Taking the phone from his brother, Steve studied the variety of Republican Strong t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies.


“I love the red t-shirt,” Jimmy stated to his brother,” referring to the red crew neck Republican Strong t-shirt. “Why don’t I buy two, Steve. One for me and one for you. My treat.”


After pausing for a moment Steve replied, “That’s very kind of you little brother.” Then added, “But with Fall and the colder temperatures right around the corner, I think either the hoodie or pull over sweatshirt would be more practical,” he added clicking on the zip up hoodie image. “WOW! Steve announced the moment he saw the Republican Strong Zip-Up hoodie product image appear showing the back of the hoodie with the words Republican Strong centered between two arches containing three stars each. “I love it,” he proclaimed. “This is the hoodie I want,’ he added. “It’s me!”


“OK, bro,” Jimmy replied. “But I’m just going to take a look at the pull over hoodie, if you don’t mind.”  After studying the pull over hoodie, Jimmy stated to his brother, “I think I’m going to get the pull over hoodie. While I like the zip up, I don’t want to get the same sweatshirt as you.”


“That’s nice of you, Jimmy,” Steve stated.


“I’ll tell you what Steve,” Jimmy said looking at his brother. Since we’re already in a gas station why don’t you fill up and I’ll order the Republican Strong zip up hoodie for you and the Republican Strong pull-over hoodie for me.”


“Sounds like a plan,” Steve stated getting out of the car and headed towards the back of his car to remove the gas cap. “Oh,” Steve called out as he headed back to the open driver’s door and looked in at Jimmy. “I’m a 2-XL.” He then added, “I’ll be back in a minute. I’m just gonna run into the convenience store and get a pack of cigarettes.”


Involved in placing the Republican Strong sweatshirt order Jimmy did not look up but acknowledged his brother by saying, “OK”.


A few minutes later Steve emerged from the convenience store with a bag. After he got back in the car, he opened the bag and took out two bottles of water. “Here Jimmy,” he stated handling his brother one of the bottles.


“That’s nice of you,” Jimmy politely replied looking to his bother. “Good luck,” he added, referring to the scratch off lotto ticket Steve was now playing.


After a few minutes of scratching off the lotto card boxes, Steve called out, “Bingo, I just won one-hundred dollars.” He than handed the lotto card to Jimmy stating, “Here, this should pay for the two Republican Strong sweatshirts you just bought.”


Written by Bob Jenkins, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Stuff For Everyone®, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harper Jenkins Scobie Enterprises.


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Stuff For Everyone® is a trademark of Stuff For Everyone®, LLC. Republican Strong is a registered trademark of HJS Clothing, LLC.