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Make That Spare

“Hey, Jessie, look at that guy over there,” Kathy said rolling her eyes to her EMT colleague as they walked into the Keep Out Of The Gutter bowling alley referring to the six-foot two-inch muscular man on the next alley about to pick up his bowling ball from the ball return system.


“Wow!” Jessie softly pronounced as she looked in the direction of the man Kathy had pointed out.  “He’s wearing a Frontline First Responder zip-up hoodie, which means he’s either a policeman, fireman or nurse.”


“Maybe he’s a doctor,” Kathy injected. “Wouldn’t that be nice. Me dating a doctor.”


“I think your getting ahead of yourself,” Jessie whispered to Kathy as she took her bowling ball from her bowling bag and placed it on the ball rack. “After all, you haven’t even met him,” Jessie added. “For all you know he probably has a girlfriend or is married.”


“Well, I’m going to find out real fast,” Kathy whispered to Jessie as she turned and walked directly towards the man at the next alley. Extending her hand, Kathy announced, “My name is Kathy, and I could not help noticing your Frontline First Responder zip-up hoodie.”


“Nice to make your acquaintance, Kathy. My name is Pat.” Looking Kathy in the eye Pat stated, “Yes, I’m a first responder. I am a second-year fireman with the Hook & Ladder 14 out of Bayonne.”


“Funny, how I haven’t met you yet,” Kathy stated. “I’m a bus driver for St. Mary’s Hospital on Lismore and Rosemont,” referring to her job as an emergency medical technician ambulance driver.


“We rarely get down to that part of town,” Pat said, smiling at Kathy.


Trying to keep the conversation going, Kathy asked, “May I ask where you got that Frontline First Responder hoodie?”


“Hold on a second,” Pat replied. “I need to ask my buddy, Larry, where he got it.” As Pat started to walk towards his buddy Larry, he turned and stated to Kathy, “He got it as a gift for my birthday.”


“So, what did he say?” Kathy asked when Pat returned.


“He said he got if off a website called, Stuff For Everyone®,” Pat stated.


“Let me write that down,” Kathy said taking the small pencil used to record bowling scores and said as she wrote, “Stuff, For, Everyone. Got it.”


Not wanting his conversation with Kathy to end Pat suggested, “I’ll tell you what, Kathy. If your score is higher than mine on the next game you play with your friends, I’ll buy you a Frontline First Responder zip-up hoodie.”


“You’re on, Pat,” Kathy replied with excitement in her voice. “But what if your score is higher than mine?


“We’ll cross that bridge when the time comes,” Pat stated as Kathy turned to return to the alley where her friends were seated.


For the next forty minutes Kathy continuously looked to watch Pat literally throw every ball. After ten frames Kathy had a score of 176, while Pat had completed his game with a score of 182, which meant if Kathy was to throw a spare with her last ball she would win. Kathy looked to Pat as she picked up her ball from the return system rack and smiled at him. Just as Kathy released her ball she heard Pat call out, “Make that Spare.”


Written by R.D. Jenkins, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Stuff For Everyone®, a wholly owned subsidiary of Harper Jenkins Scobie Enterprises.


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