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How Many Slices In A Large Pie?

“Well thank God that shift is over,” Katrina said to her colleague, Joyce, referring to the twelve hour shift she just completed as Head Nurse of the Covid Team at Beth Israel Medical Center in the lower east side of Manhattan. “That was a rough one,” she added. “I think I’ll call Delancey Pizza and order a large pie.”


“What a cute sweatshirt,” Joyce stated as Katrina put on her military green Frontline Nurse crew-neck sweatshirt. “I love how the word nurse is in camo.”


“Yeah, isn’t it cute. My husband got it for my birthday last month,” Katrina said. “If you’ll excuse me Joyce, I want to call Delancey Pizza and then get on my way home.” Katrina then took out her cell phone from her rear pocket and dialed Delancey Pizza.”


“Hello, Delancey Pizza,” the man at the other end of the telephone line answered. “How can I help you?”


“I would like to order a large pie,” she stated.


“Anything on it,” the order taker asked.


“Just cheese will be fine,” Katrina answered. “Oh, one more thing. How many slices are in the large pie?”


“Eight,” the order taker answered.


“Actually, I’m not that hungry tonight,” Katrina began her reply. “Can you cut the pizza pie into four slices?”


For a good thirty-seconds, the order taker was silent, trying to digest Katrina’s request. Finally, he broke his silence. “That’s funny,” he jokingly replied. “Four slices! Your pizza should be ready in twenty minutes.”


“Twenty minutes later Katerina emerged from her car at the corner of Delancey and Ludlow and walked the half block to Delancey’s Pizzeria. “I’m here to pick up a large pizza,” Katrina stated as she approached the counter with her Frontline Nurse sweatshirt clearly in view of the order taker.


“You’re the person who ordered the large pie cut into four slices because you told me you weren’t hungry,” the order taker stated as Katrina positioned herself in front of the cash register. “That was one of the best lines I heard in my twenty-two years of business,” he added smiling at Katrina. “Are you a frontline nurse?”  he asked.


“Yes, I head the Covid team at Beth Israel on Williams Street,” Katrina answered in a slow, tired voice.


“You look exhausted,” the order taker stated. “Well, I can’t thank you more than enough for the work that you do. Oh, yes, I can. This pizza is on me.”


“That is very kind of your sir,” Katrina said as she picked up the pizza pie box and turned towards the door. As she was opening the door, she turned and looked the pizzaman in the eye and said with a smile on her face, “I’m ready going to enjoy these four slices tonight.”



Written by R.D. Jenkins, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Stuff For Everyone®, a wholly owned subsidiary of Harper Jenkins Scobie Enterprises.


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