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Comfort In A Glass Clothing

“So, Taylor, how was your first day at school?” Taylors Mom asked referring to her first day of her senior year of college as Taylor walked past her Mom on the way to the Kitchen.


“It couldn’t have been better,” Taylor replied as she opened the refrigerator door.


“Why’s that?” Taylor’s Mom asked when she got up from the sofa and began to walk towards the kitchen.


“Because everyone loved this Comfort in a Glass T-shirt that you gave me when you purchased that set of Comfort in a Glass white wine set from the Stuff For Everyone® website,” Taylor stated.


“Well, I’m glad they liked it,” her Mom replied.


“Liked it, Mom,” Taylor loudly proclaimed reaching into the refrigerator for a bottle of Snapple Kiki-Strawberry. “They loved it. I must have been asked at least eight times today where I got it. Stuff For Everyone® website, Stuff For Everyone® website, Stuff For Everyone® website,” she replied in an exhausting tone. “Stuff For Everyone® should hire me as a brand ambassador,” she sarcastically added as she twisted the off bottle cap from the Kiki-Strawberry bottle.


 “WOW! Taylor’s mother announced. “I can’t wait to call Susan and tell her the reaction you received by wearing that Comfort In A Glass T-shirt to school today, Taylors Mom added, referring to her best friend, Susan, one of the co-founders of Stuff For Everyone®.


“Tell her also that most of my friends said that they will be buying the set of Comfort In A Glass wine glass sets for their mothers as Christmas presents,” Taylor stated as she took a drink from the bottle of Kiki-Strawberry.


 “Well, Taylor, I’m sure Susan will appreciate that,” Taylors Mom stated.


“I would like to stay here and chat with you Mom,” Taylor said, “but I have got to go and begin reading, ‘Murder at Ten, Details at Eleven’, a murder mystery novel our criminology professor assigned. I’ll tell you more about my first day of school at dinner tonight”.


“OK, honey,” her Mom replied as Taylor turned and walked away.   


Written by Bob Jenkins, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Stuff For Everyone®, a wholly owned subsidiary of Harper Jenkins Scobie Enterprises.


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