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Celebrate Autumn

“What a great way to celebrate Autumn,” Joyce said to her husband, Troy, after she took her seat in the family Honda Accord.


“This should be a great day,” Troy stated as he put the key in the ignition to start the car. “I just love this time of year, the leaves are all turning colors, the air is crisp and fresh, and it feels good to put on a light jacket.”


Let’s head up to Kent,” Joyce suggested referring to Kent, Connecticut, a quaint little town about thirty miles north of their home in Brookfield, Connecticut. “We can stop at the Four Corners Café and get some Sippity Pumpkin Spice hot chocolate, then go for a walk through the woods in Kent Falls State Park to the waterfalls.”


“What a great way to celebrate Autumn,” Troy replied as he turned left onto Route 7 towards Kent. “You got my taste buds stirring, honey, just thinking about that Sippity Pumpkin Spice hot chocolate.”


“Let’s make our first stop the Bulls covered bridge in South Kent,” Joyce suggested,” referring to the one hundred fifty-year old, covered wooden bridge. “I just love looking at the waterfalls set against the color of the autumn trees with the covered bridge in the foreground.”


“Sure thing, Joyce,” Troy answered. “If that setting doesn’t celebrate autumn, then I don’t know what does.”


For the next half hour Joyce and Troy enjoyed the setting at Bulls Bridge, taking at least fifty pictures on Troy’s EOS digital camera. “I’m getting hungry, Hon,” Joyce stated to her husband as the car entered Kent.


“We should be at the Four Corners Café in a few minutes,” Troy answered. A few minutes later Troy pulled the Honda Accord into a parking space just adjacent to the front door of the Café. “I can’t wait to enjoy that Sippity Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate, Troy stated with excitement in his voice. “That’s all I have been thinking about since you first mentioned it this morning.”


For the next forty-five minutes Joyce enjoyed her Prosciutto Baguette while I enjoyed my Tandoori Chicken Panini. After their meal Joyce reached for the waiters’ arm and asked, “May we have two regular size containers of Sippity pumpkin spice hot chocolate to go?”


“Make mind a large, please,” Troy inserted looking to the waiter, salivating at the thought of enjoying his Sippity pumpkin spice hot chocolate.


After lunch Troy drove the few miles to the Kent Falls State Park located at the north end of Main Street. “Remember when we came up here last January and the falls were frozen,” Joyce stated as the Honda Accord came to a stop.


“I remember that day very well. It was about five-degrees out and the falls were frozen solid,” Troy replied.


“Well, hon, that isn’t going to happen today.” Joyce stated as she began to get out of the car. “Look at this scenery,” she declared holding her arms upright towards the trees ahead. “It’s beautiful”, she added as she began to walk away from the car towards the path leading to the waterfalls.


“Hold up,” Troy called out to his wife as he exited the car. Once he caught up to Joyce, he reached for her hand and stated, “What better way to celebrate autumn than enjoying a hot cup of Sippity Pumpkin Spice hot chocolate while we kick up the leaves.



Written by R.D. Jenkins, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Stuff For Everyone®, a wholly owned subsidiary of Harper Jenkins Scobie Enterprises. For those readers in the New York City/Southern Connecticut area that wish to enjoy a wonderful day out to celebrate autumn, my wife and have strongly recommend this day trip, which we did every year for the twenty-two years we lived in Connecticut (The kids even loved the trip).


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